The History of the College of Szolnok

College of Szolnok is a dynamic HEI, and with its 2600 students it has become the largest higher educational institution of the region.

It has been an independent college since 1993 when the Szolnok branches of two Budapest based HEIs namely the College of Commerce and Catering and the College of Foreign Trade merged. The official name of the new institution has been the College of Szolnok since 2000.
Before the millennium the college gave the impression of such a HEI in the countryside which had a large population of students but was small in size and had disintegrated infrastructure. The college has done everything to expand over its regional boundaries by establishing consultation centers in other towns and providing popular and market oriented study programmes in commerce, foreign trade, catering and international business.

The last decade has brought significant changes not only in the life of Szolnok but in the history of its college as well. The restructuring of Hungarian higher education has been going on since the turn of the millennium. In line with the Bologna Process and according to requirements of the European Union the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and the two-cycle degree system have been implemented. The College of Szolnok and the Agricultural Faculty of Tessedik Sámuel College in Mezőtúr integrated in 2006 after a long negotiating procedure. The integration has increased the number of bachelor courses the college can provide. Currently the college offers six bachelor courses: Commerce and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Tourism and Catering, Mechanical Engineering in the Agriculture and Food Industry, Agribusiness and Rural Development Engineering and Technical Management. Students can also choose from fourteen professional short-cycle and nearly thirty post-graduate programmes. The college lays great emphasis on professional, practice – based education and the development of business language skills.

 In recent years the College of Szolnok has started its thorough modernization process stemming from the external challenges it has to face. According to its Mission & Vision Statement the College of Szolnok commits to training students who are competitive on domestic and international job markets and who foster the development of Hungarian economy, to contributing to the local economical development and intellectual discovery. For the accomplishment of all its objectives the college intends to be a stable and competitive HEI that answers to its partners’ expectations and complies with their interest to foster further economic growth.

We have done a lot through our modernization process so that college students can spend the best years of their life in European environment. By December 2009 an eagerly awaited dream had come true with the completion of the new main college building. The 9000 sq m new educational facility, that lies in Tiszaliget, the most beautiful recreational area of Szolnok, facilitates quality education, research and various services at a 21st century level.

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